On May 17, 2024, AMATA Industrial Park (AMATA) in collaboration with Cho Ray Hospital, Dong Nai Red Cross Society, and Eros Palace Luxury organized the annual voluntary blood donation program “Red Blood Drops Campaign – Summer 2024”. The program attracted the active participation of employees from companies within the Industrial Park, demonstrating the generosity and humanitarian spirit of the community.

The blood donation day was a great success, exceeding expectations with over 550 people registering to donate blood and achieving the target of collecting 400 blood units (equivalent to 140,000 cc of blood). Many participants expressed their deep concern and desire to continue to participate in blood donation in the future.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Eros Palace Luxury for sponsoring the venue for the event, which contributed significantly to the success of the event.

With the desire to spread the spirit of love and contribute to saving the lives of many patients, AMATA will strive to organize the Voluntary Blood Donation program at least 3 times a year.