On the morning of May 31, 2024, the Amata Bien Hoa Industrial Park was adorned in vibrant green with the “Tree Planting Day 2024” event organized by AMATA. The program attracted the active participation of more than 30 businesses and partners, joining hands to contribute to a greener environment.

Photo: Sponsors accompanying the “Amata Tree Planting Day 2024” program

Photo: AkzoNobel Vietnam collective actively participates in community activities with Amata

Photo: Auromex Vietnam accompanies the program

Photo: Leaders and employees of UPL Vietnam join hands to green Amata Industrial Park

The Spread of Community Responsibility Spirit

“Amata Tree Planting Day 2024” is not just a tree planting activity but also a strong spread of the green meaning, demonstrating the shared responsibility of the business community in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.

More than 300 officers, employees, and leaders from the companies eagerly attended the ceremony. Notably, the enthusiasm of businesses was evident as they co-sponsored four times more than the initial plan that AMATA had planned to call for. This demonstrates the great interest of the business community in developing green spaces and an ecological working environment. Businesses not only sponsored but also enthusiastically participated in planting trees, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and a desire to contribute to building a green – clean – beautiful working environment for themselves and for future generations.

Practical Action for a Greener Environment

Planting more than 10,000 melaleuca saplings not only contributes to improving the landscape of the industrial park environment but also brings many other practical benefits. Melaleuca trees have the ability to purify the air, reduce noise, regulate the climate, and create shade for the surrounding area. These are practical contributions to the green environment and public health.

Photo: 10,000 melaleuca saplings planted in Amata Bien Hoa Industrial Park

Affirming the Commitment to Sustainable Development

“Tree Planting Day 2024” is a testament to AMATA’s commitment to sustainable development. AMATA always strives to build a green, environmentally friendly industrial park, creating the best living and working conditions for employees and the community.

In the future, AMATA will continue to implement many practical programs and activities to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for employees and the surrounding community.