Aiming to bridge the gap between students and businesses and enhance employment opportunities for recent graduates, Amata Bien Hoa, in collaboration with Sonadezi College of Technology and Management, successfully organized the “Sonadezi College Job Fair 2024” on January 13, 2024.

The event attracted the participation of 21 businesses from industrial parks in Dong Nai (including businesses operating in Amata Bien Hoa Industrial Park), Binh Duong, and neighboring provinces. Over 1,000 diverse job openings across various fields, including apparel, footwear, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, were presented at the event. This also served as an opportunity for businesses to promote their brands and connect with potential partners.

The “Sonadezi College Job Fair 2024” offered numerous benefits for both students and job seekers:

  • Opportunities to apply for suitable positions: Students and job seekers could directly apply for job openings aligned with their majors and aspirations.

  • Real-world interview experience: Participating in interviews at the recruitment booths helped students and job seekers hone their interviewing skills and gain confidence when interacting with recruiters.

  • Gaining insights into the labor market: Through the sharing of representatives from businesses, students and job seekers could stay updated on the requirements, professional qualifications, and necessary skills for each job position, thereby guiding them towards suitable career paths for the future.

The success of the “Sonadezi College Job Fair 2024” reaffirms the commitment of Amata Bien Hoa and Sonadezi College of Technology and Management to supporting students in finding employment after graduation, contributing to the enhancement of the region’s and the country’s human resource quality.

The event received positive feedback from participating businesses, students, and job seekers. Amata Bien Hoa and Sonadezi College of Technology and Management are committed to continuing to organize the “Sonadezi College Job Fair” in the coming years, contributing to creating an effective bridge between students and businesses and providing students with the best opportunities for career development.