Driven by the desire to bring a warm and joyful Tet to underprivileged families in Bien Hoa City, Amata Bien Hoa Urban Corporation and Amata Bien Hoa Youth Union jointly organized the “Donate Money to Buy Pork and Banh Chung for Tet” program from January 23, 2024.

Photo: Dong Nai Province Industrial Zones Authority (Diza) joined hands to support Amata

The program received enthusiastic support from the company’s employees and local philanthropists. After just two weeks of launching, the program had received over 7.5 million dong in donations. With this funding, the organizers purchased ingredients and hand-packed over 125 delicious banh chung.

On the afternoon of February 6, 2024 (the 27th day of Tet), the program organized the distribution of banh chung to disadvantaged households in wards and communes across Bien Hoa City. The joy was evident on the faces of those who received the banh chung.

Amata Bien Hoa sincerely expresses its gratitude to all the company’s employees, philanthropists, and units that accompanied the program. Thanks to the joint efforts of everyone, the program was a great success and brought a warm Tet to the underprivileged.

Amata Bien Hoa also commits to continuing to promote its social responsibility and organize more meaningful programs in the coming time to contribute to the development of the community.

Wishing everyone a New Year of peace and prosperity!