Thrilling opening and captivating matches
The AMATA FOOTBALL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 officially kicked off on April 14, 2024, drawing the participation of 27 teams from Amata Industrial Park, authorities, and partners. The tournament promises to deliver intense and exciting matches, taking place every Sunday morning and afternoon until June 16.
Action-packed group stage
From the very first matches, the teams showcased their fierce competitive spirit and unwavering dedication, providing spectators with breathtaking plays and unexpected scores.
Exciting matches to come
With the presence of strong teams and a high spirit of sportsmanship, the AMATA FOOTBALL CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 promises to bring even more exhilarating and captivating matches to the spectators in the following rounds. Let’s cheer on our favorite teams and eagerly await the next developments of the tournament.
Let’s relive some of the most memorable moments from the first round.


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