Vietnamese Government Gave Amata Green Light for Amata Service City 1

BackApr 08, 2016

“Amata VN” received the second investment certificate for developing lands from the Vietnamese Government and is ready to build Amata Service City Long Thanh 1 near Ho Chi Minh City on a 55.4-hectare land. The Company plans to start the construction in 2018 to accommodate investors from 2019. Approximately USD 23 million is expected to be spent in this investment.

Mrs. Somhatai Panichewa, Director and CEO of Amata VN PCL. unveils the plan to develop an Amata Perfect City in southern Vietnam or “Super South Vietnam Investment Plan” that currently the Company has received its second investment certificate from the Vietnamese Government to create Amata Service City Long Thanh 1 on a 55.4-hectare land which is 53% of the total land of 103.88 hectares in Dong Nai Province that Amata requested for approval. In this project, residential buildings, commercial area and areas for logistics and warehouse business will be built. The construction is expected to start in 2018 to accommodate investors from 2019 and approximately USD 23 million is expected to be invested in developing this land of 55.4 hectares. The target group of this project is clear which is local and foreign investors and workers in Amata City Long Thanh, a high-tech industrial estate which owns the first investment certificate received in mid-2015 for developing a 410-hectare land, which is under development and is expected to serve investors within 2017 as planned.

“The ‘Super South Vietnam Investment Plan’ is the plan to develop the strategic land benefited from land, water and air transport. The connection with Long Thanh-Dau Giay Express Way also shortens the time in travelling from Dong Nai to Ho Chi Minh City considerably. Other benefits are the deep sea port and four other river ports for shipping are in 10-55 km. distance and Amata City (Bien Hoa), the first Amata Industrial Estate in Vietnam is also near, creating a good supply chain between the two Industrial Estates. Moreover, Long Thanh International Airport is only 10 km. away”, said Somhatai.

The above plan is the plan for creating the industrial estate and residential area covering 1,266-hectare plus land. So far, the Company has received two investment certificates out of four for Amata City Long Thanh (high-tech Industrial Estate) and Amata Service City Long Thanh 1. The other two are for Amata Service City Long Thanh 2 for 48.48-hectare land and Amata Township Long Thanh for 753-hectare land. The other two investment certificates are expected to be granted within the third quarter of this year.